The Edge

Gallien Engineering, Inc. offers structural design and structural drafting services.

paul_gPrior to becoming educated and licensed as a professional engineer, Paul spent many years in the field on the receiving end of design, erecting many complicated structures, both locally and world-wide, from the ground up and from the waterline down. In addition to facilitating a smooth transition for the actual construction of a project, this unique background promotes the builder’s perspective in the details of engineering. This edge solidifies both the integrity of the architecture and the intent of the architect.

Gallien Engineering. Inc.
Structural Engineer Monterey
Over 30 years of construction, underwater construction, and engineering design.

“Change the way you look at things,
and the things you look at will change.”

Gallien Engineering, Inc. is a professional engineering consultation firm. The cornerstone of the firm’s expertise is broad-based experience, service, creativity, and teamwork. The company’s founder, Paul Gallien, P.E., has provided engineering and construction engineering consulting services in the Monterey Bay, Reno/Lake Tahoe, East Bay, Sonoma County, Ventura County, and San Francisco areas for many years.

Our Focus
Over the years, our focus has been the structural design and detailing of architectural structures, and projects in which we have participated reflect a wide range of architectural designs and systems. To this end, we provide guidance from design development through construction administration. Our specialization and experience contributes to our goal of consistent care and attention to detail for every project.

We consult for a wide variety of architects, located both inside and outside our region. We strive to listen to and understand the goals and vision of each architect. We are then able to provide the team with several options for appropriate structural systems and/or detailing.

Our ability to communicate in “shorthand” with the architects, builders, and other members of the design and construction teams allows more time and effort to be put into the design of every project. This increases project flow and production, no matter how complicated, large, or small the project may be. Contact Paul Gallien Structural Engineer Monterey CA.